Why should I protect my licence?
  • Losing your licence can have serious consequences
  • Even careful drivers can make mistakes
  • We can offer you cover even if you have up to 6 points on your licence
Licence Assist

Level 2

Insure yourself against a driving ban with our level 2 cover.

Level 2 cover offers financial support if you are banned from driving with a fixed monthly benefit of £1,000.

Legal representation for you at court if you are at risk of losing your licence (up to £25,000 in legal defence costs).

Speed awareness course costs are also covered.

Legal advice on any motoring matter, you don't have to be facing a ban or even accused of an offence. Our legal advisers can help.

What offences do you cover?

With 2direct Licence Assist, you can get legal advice on any motoring matter. Motor prosecution and disqualification benefit cover is restricted to the following offences:

Offence Category Codes
Accident offences AC
Careless driving (except relating to drink, drugs, or causing death) CD10-30
Construction and use (eg. using a vehicle with defective brakes) CU
Miscellaneous offences MS
Motorway offences MW
Pedestrian crossings PC
Speed limits SP
Traffic direction and signs TS

What offences don't you cover?

We will not cover motor prosecution defence or disqualification benefit claims for the following offences:

Offence category Codes
Disqualified driver BA
Careless driving offences related to drink or drugs CD40-70
Causing death by careless driving CD80-90
Dangerous driving DD
Drink or drugs DR
Insurance offences IN
Licence offences LC
Theft or unauthorised taking* UT

*This includes theft or taking offences that do not lead to penalty points, and so do not have a code.

Our legal partners, Hunt & Coombs solicitors, will be happy to provide free advice, and will offer a discounted private fee for representation for these excluded offences.

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